Corporate Information

Altius's strategy is to create per share growth through a diversified portfolio of royalty assets that relate to long life, high margin operations. This strategy further provides shareholders with exposures that are well aligned with sustainability-related global growth trends including the electricity generation transition from fossil fuel to renewables, transportation electrification, reduced emissions from steelmaking and increasing agricultural yield requirements. These each hold the potential to cause increased demand for many of Altius's commodity exposures including copper, renewable based electricity, several key battery metals (lithium, nickel and cobalt), clean iron ore, and potash.

Altius is a member of the S&P/TSX Small Cap, S&P/TSX Global Mining and S&P/ TSX Dividend Aristocrats Indices and is focused on growing its royalty business through prospect generation and the creation and acquisition of royalties.

Our Assets

Altius holds royalty interests in 12 producing assets throughout the Americas. In Canada these assets include a 4% NSR royalty on Hudbay's 777 copper-zinc mine in Manitoba, 6 potash mines and 1 coal mine located in western Canada, and a royalty on the Voisey's Bay nickel-copper-cobalt mine in Labrador. In Brazil, we have a 3.7% stream interest on Lundin Mining's Chapada Mine.  The Company also receives regular dividend income from its equity ownership in Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Company, which is treated as iron ore royalty revenue, being a pass-through vehicle.  Altius holds ~59% of Altius Renewable Royalties (ARR-TSX) which at December 31, 2021 was valued as approximately $193.5 million (Altius position in shares plus in-the-money warrants).

For additional information regarding each of these cash-flowing royalties along with development and exploration stage royalties please see the Royalties section of this website.

Attributable Revenue Operator 2021 Revenues Commodity
Voisey's Bay Vale C$2.3 million Nickel, Copper, Cobalt
777 Hudbay C$15.0 million Copper, Zinc, Gold, Silver
Chapada Stream Lundin Mining C$19.2 million Copper
IOC Iron Ore Company (IOC) C$17.2 million Iron Ore
Genesee Capital Power C$8.5 million Coal / Electricity
Paintearth Westmoreland / ATCO - Coal / Electricity
Sheerness Westmoreland / ATCO C$0.5 million Coal / Electricity
Rocanville Nutrien C$10.6 million Potash
Cory Nutrien C$2.0 million Potash
Allan Nutrien C$1.4 million Potash
Patience Lake Nutrien C$0.7 million Potash
Esterhazy Mosaic C$4.2 million Potash
Vanscoy Nutrien C$0.2 million Potash
Other Various C$1.7 million Coal bed methane, Renewables, Interest
Total C$83.9 million

The Company also holds several other royalties on projects ranging from "shovel ready" development stage to exploration stage which it has primarily created as part of its original, and core project generation exploration business. The project generation pipeline contains a diversified portfolio of exploration stage projects and royalties, many of which are currently being advanced through various partner-funding arrangements.

Junior Equities Portfolio

Altius has also built a portfolio of directly and indirectly held junior resource investments that have been generated from founding and earn in option related payments through its joint venture strategy to advance projects as well as selective investing in other top-quality juniors employing a project generation and joint venture business model. The current portfolio position can be viewed here.