Environmental, Social and Governance

Anti-Corruption Policy (May 2022)
Board Anti-Discrimination, Inclusion and Diversity Policy (May 2022)
Code of Conduct for Directors, Officers and Employees (May 2022)
Corporate Disclosure, Confidentiality, & Insider Trading Policy (May 2022)
ESG INVESTMENT Policy (May 2022)
Executive Compensation Clawback Policy (May 2022)
Health & Safety Policy (May 2022)
Human Rights Policy (May 2022)
IT & Cybersecurity (May 2022)
Majority Voting Policy (May 2022)
Management Anti-Discrimination, Inclusion and Diversity Policy (May 2022)
Overboarding Policy (May 2022)
Share Ownership Policy (May 2022)
In November 2020, Altius introduced this policy to set mandatory minimum ownership levels and an agreed 5 year period to reach them. The policy applies to independent directors and to officers and senior management.
Whistleblower Policy (May 2022)
Audit Committee Charter (May 2022)
Board of Directors Charter (May 2022)
Compensation Committee Charter (May 2022)
Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee Charter (May 2022)
2021 Sustainability Report (New - December 2021)
Our second Sustainability Report contains TCFD/ SASB data and metrics for the first time. All feedback welcome
2020 Sustainability Report
In December 2020, Altius published its inaugural Sustainability Report which will be an annual disclosure item
2020 Electricity Usage
Energy usage report (in Kwh) intended for informational purposes and to supplement the carbon footprint data presented in sustainability reporting.
By-Laws Including Advance Notice By-Law
Articles of Incorporation including Amendments