Tres Quebradas (3Q)




Catamarca Province, Argentina


Neo Lithium Corporation

Royalty Details

Terms: Altius owns a 0.1% Gross Sales Royalty (GSR) on the project, and is also a significant shareholder of Lithium Royalties Corporation, which owns a 1% GSR on the project.

Asset Highlights

The 3Q Project has one of the highest-grade lithium brine projects in the world, with a large salar and lithium brine lake covering more than 150 sq. km.


The 3Q Project is located in the southwestern portion of the Catamarca Province of Argentina, the largest Lithium producer province of Argentina. Highlights from the preliminary feasibility study completed in 2019: 20,000 tonnes per annum Lithium Carbonate production with a $319 million Capex resulting in an After-Tax Net Present Value ("NPV") at 8% Discount Rate of $1.14 billion and After-tax IRR of 49.9%.